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10 Drone Buzzwords ChatGPT Can't Get Enough Of

Artificial Intelligence (AI) platforms have significantly transformed many different fields, but for the common person, their impact is most often felt in writing and content creation. According to an expert, Nina Schick, 90% of online content could be AI-generated by 2025. From blog posts to long-form essays, AI can produce massive write-ups in a matter of seconds. Whatever parameters you feed it, you receive a grammatically correct and concise block of text about them. However, this increase in productivity and easily accessible content comes at a cost. AI-generated content is often monotonous or bland and can be easily identified. It frequently shares the same cadences, common vocabulary, and repeated format, making all AI-generated writing look quite similar.

Even when writing without AI platforms the old-school way, you might inadvertently use similar cadences or vocabulary because they are so ubiquitous across the internet. Among the AI platforms available on the internet, one of the major players is ChatGPT, currently in its 4th version for commercial use as of 2024. This platform can perform various actions using its AI, which accesses the entire internet as a source. It can provide information, create write-ups, formulate ideas (albeit in a limited capacity), and much more. If you're using ChatGPT to help plan your articles, it is imperative to ensure that you avoid the vocabulary that frequently appears in ChatGPT articles on a specific subject. This is especially important for write-ups focused on drones, as they are a specialized subject where a single word can reflect technical changes in a statement.

Which buzzwords should I avoid while using ChatGPT

In order to identify the vocabulary that frequently appeared in ChatGPT articles about drones, we conducted an exercise. We analyzed AI-generated articles on specific drone topics across various subtopics and identified words that consistently recurred regardless of context.

Below are verbs, adjectives, and nouns we found consistently along with some possible alternatives:

Serial No.

Common Word

Alternative Words



terrain, field, view



mix, variety, collection



spin, twirl, manage



change, modify, shift



steering, guiding, directing



area, domain, world



fly, rise, ascend



transform, change, innovate



forming, molding, crafting



change, innovative, impactful

By incorporating creative alternatives, your articles can stand out from the crowd and avoid being identified as AI-generated. It's increasingly important to develop a unique voice and style in the sea of internet content. Differentiation lends credibility and provides a good reason for readers to engage with your work, rather than dismissing it as another piece with clichés and formulaic statements.

To ensure these words don't appear in your content, customize ChatGPT by creating a 'Banned Words List' and inputting it into your prompt. As you identify more generic or repetitive words, continue to expand the list to maintain originality in your articles.


Akshata, the founder of Drone Script, works as an independent contractor for several companies, demonstrating her passion for drones through writing, research, and marketing. She actively aims to unite the drone community and assist in every capacity possible.

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